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Welcome to Modern Workspace in Chatham

Discover a space that inspires productivity and fosters community at Modern Workspace, conveniently located near downtown Chatham. With our prime location, you're never too far from the city's vibrant pulse, perfect for lunch breaks, client meetings, or after-work socializing.

Our workspace is bathed in abundant natural light, creating an environment that boosts your mood and sparks creativity. Our key-coded private offices offer the peace and security you need to focus, while our communal areas are designed to encourage collaboration and innovation.

At Modern Workspace, we understand that everyone works differently. That's why we offer 24/7 access, allowing you to work on your terms, according to your unique schedule. Plus, with free and ample parking available, your daily commute becomes stress-free.

Stay connected and protect your valuable data with our secure internet. Establish a professional presence with a dedicated mailing address, adding credibility to your venture. And when it comes to resources, benefit from our unlimited printing and efficient scanning services, providing you with everything you need to succeed.

But we're not just about work. We believe in taking care of our community. Enjoy unlimited cups of freshly brewed coffee, complimentary soft drinks, and an assortment of free snacks to keep you energized throughout the day. And when hunger strikes, make use of our fully-equipped kitchen to prepare a meal or a quick snack.

24/7 Access
All Utilities
Secure Internet
Free and Ample Parking
Free Coffee, Soft drinks & Snacks
Unlimited Printing & Scanning

Close proximity to Downtown Chatam



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60 Munson Meeting Way, Chatham MA 02633
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